Programing Portfolio


I have worked on several different projects, I had every project running on my cloud but due to low visitors I wasn’t earning anything so I have decided to take down all and make it better and put back online all, you know it’s a bit expensive as those project to be successful in the manner of hosting it.

I have worked with the following languages and technologies in the past, all of them are object-oriented,

  • PHP – CodeIgniter, Laravel, symphony(learning), WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • NodeJS, TypeScript – express, Amber, Ionic, Angular(learning), etc.
  • C# – network-based event-driven programming etc.
  • HTML, CSS – Bulma, Materialize, Semantic, Bootstrap etc.
  • MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB – all database systems.
  • WebSocket’s, SocketIO – network-driven two-way communication.
  • Linux and bash scripts, mostly all OS.
  • Complete dedicated server management, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.
    All web control panels like cPanel, centos-web panel, plex, Direct-admin, etc.

Now, I will list projects, most of my projects are Back & Frontend based, I have also made one billing software for small shops, backed my MYSQL, I am very interested in cryptocurrencies, so I have done several projects in that too.

  •  Live Crypto Rates was running on (
  • Crypto Guidance – crypto guidance of mining all the algorithms, etc. knowledge-based. (sub-service)
  • IFSC & MICR – all Indian banks IFSC and MICR codes checker, display all the information about bank like address, contact number, etc.(sub-service)
  • PIN code – All Indian post offices information lookup, by city, district, state, and vice versa. (sub-service)
  • Quotes – motivational quote & dashboard with important links. (previously was live on
  • VPTools – all important tools for web developers like Ping, WHOIS lookup, etc. (previously was live on
  • Swift – I am working on right now for one customer, its packaging helper system will run on a raspberry PI based system with C# frontend and touch screen display output.
  • ShopManagement – C# based shop help system including generating invoices, and inventory counts, etc.

I am from Mechanical background but I am so passionate about computer programming, I can showcase my various projects too if you’d like. I am attaching one small portfolio which will help you judge my skills. I am attaching my resume and reference letter, please advise me on this.

Thank you!