I am a passionate and driven professional with a strong background in mechanical engineering and computer programming. My expertise lies at the intersection of these two fields, allowing me to bridge the gap between traditional engineering principles and cutting-edge technology. Currently, I am working as a program manager in the automotive manufacturing industry, where I oversee and coordinate complex projects that drive operational efficiency and innovation. This role has provided me with invaluable experience in managing cross-functional teams, optimizing processes, and delivering results in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Alongside my professional endeavors, I am dedicated to continuous learning and personal growth. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Systems in Technology with a specialization in AI and data science. This program not only strengthens my technical skills but also equips me with the knowledge and tools to leverage emerging technologies and contribute to the advancement of AI-driven solutions.

My diverse skill set includes proficiency in programming languages, data analysis, and project management. I thrive on challenges and enjoy finding creative solutions to complex problems. With a keen eye for detail and a drive for excellence, I consistently strive to deliver high-quality results that exceed expectations.

I am always open to new opportunities, collaborations, and networking with like-minded professionals who share a passion for technology and its transformative potential. Let’s connect and explore how our combined expertise can drive innovation and make a positive impact in the world of engineering and technology.



  • Working towards acquiring P.Eng designation, Waiting for PEO approval.
  • Understanding of computer engineering fundamentals and creative problem-solving capabilities.
  • Proficient in website development in PHP, HTML, and CSS.
  • I am experienced in cloud-based system management like CentOS, Docker, and Cpanel. Additionally, knowledge of IFS and ERP systems.
  • Administration of O365 and active directory environment.
  • Comfortable working in an environment with deadlines.
  • Effective communication, leadership, and time management skills.
  • Experienced in working in a group as a good member.
  • Learned numerous technical skills like safety, and right operating procedures, by various labs at college.
  • Proficient in C#, NodeJS with Visual Studio, and socket programming.
  • Understanding of computer programming in various languages.
  • A multi-skilled individual with a deeper understanding of mechanical engineering fundamentals, and creative problem-solving capabilities alongside computer programming knowledge in NodeJS, Python, & SQL.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD and certified SolidWorks modeling professional.
  • Excellent understanding of mechanical drawings for generating process specification sheets.
  • DFMEA, FMEA development, various design calculations, and feasibility analysis.
  • Keen at drafting documents and working with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Project.


Master’s in system & Technology – Automation & Smart Systems (part-time)

McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada                         September 2022 – ongoing

    • Specializing in Data science, Deep & Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, IoT & IIoT

College Diploma (Manufacturing Engineering Technician with Co-op)

Fanshawe College, Canada               September 2018 – September 2020

    • Achieved Deans Honor Roll award in all four semesters.

Certification course (Thermal Engineering and HVAC)

Kansas State University,  U.S.A            June 2014 – August 2014

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Gujarat Technological University, India    August 2011 – June 2015


Program Manager, Linamar Corporation

Guelph, ON, Canada                                                                    August 2022 – ongoing

    • Managing the program that I have launched as an engineer in the past.
    • Managing the program’s financials, manpower, & customer requirements
    • Drive various improvements to existing processes with cross-functional teams with innovative technical solutions.
    • Managing multiple programs that generate sales of $20M+.

Process Engineer, Linamar Corporation

Guelph, ON, Canada                                                      September 2020 – August 2022

    • Launched a fully automated Pentastar engine block production line which has a 375,000 annual volume.
    • Coordinating various APQP tasks and working with the program manager to ensure the program launch timeline and meeting customer demand.
    • Created process specification sheets & PFMEA from customer blueprints for 4 different variants.
    • Designing and approving various designs and automation cell concept approval alongside set upping automation cell on floor layout.

Engineering Co-op, Linamar Corporation

Guelph, ON, Canada                                             July 2020 – August 2020

    • Experienced in 3D and 2D designing in AutoCAD and SolidWorks, assisted with floor layouts, generated and processed ECRs, fixture designs, and process improvements.
    • Worked collaboratively on FEMA, risk analysis, and ensuring proposed customer drawings.

Website Developer (Part-time, Remote work), Override Technologies

London, ON, Canada                         February 2020 – August 2020

    • Responsible for web-based applications including themes and addons for various CMS, developing MVC-based systems, and cloud server management.
    • Cloud-based server management and creating backup/restore.

Quality Engineering Co-op, Linamar Corporation

Guelph, ON, Canada                       September 2019 – December 2019

    • Hands-on experience with fixing various gauges, process capabilities studies, MSA reviews, Gauge R&R, Control plans, and using various measurement equipment.

Quality Inspector,

The PIC Group                              September 2018 – September 2019

    • Measuring the parts using various types of metrological equipment.

Site Engineer, D.S Engineers,

Surat, India                                   June 2015 – July 2018

    • It was a small firm and we were doing HVAC work.
    • I had to approve site drawings according to installation requirements
    • Duct and fabrication design approvals.
    • Guiding the employees according to the duct installation drawings.


  • Developed an app for the Linamar corporation for data entry to go paperless during my co-op term.
  • Achieved 02/4.2 CPA in my current studies in 2 semesters and achieved Dean’s, Honor Roll.
  • Achieved 8/10 CGPA in my Bachelor of Engineering.
  • As a final year project, I have improved the crushing in the Ball Mill and the Cooling Tower’s efficiency.
  • Created a wirelessly controlled Robot and Won 2nd rank in the “Robo-Fight” competition at Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
  • Created a wirelessly controlled car and earned class A in competition at M.S University at Vadodara, Gujarat, India.


  • I like to volunteer; I have been working as a peer tutor in college and various programs at Fanshawe College.
  • I love tree planting and maintaining the garden.
  • Playing chess, and traveling are my spare time activities.
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